Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Feeling a Bit Better!

Date: December 14, 2015 at 7:40:13 AM MST
From: Lee Holmes <lee.holmes@myldsmail.net>

Olá Familia!

So this week was still a little tough getting over my sinus infection. We didn’t do much all week until Thursday or so, as I started feeling better. Still was having severed headaches but the last 3 days I have felt pretty good! Tough just sitting in the house! Once we started getting going again, we taught another lesson to our friend Domingas, along with a a member of the church Emaneul. He has some struggles right not too, as we are trying to help him quit smoking again, but it´s kinda cool teaching his friend Domingas, who is helping Emanuel’s testimony fire up again, as well. She has loved the two messages we have left with her so far, but she doesn’t have a phone so it is tough getting in contact with her. She said she would come to church with us this week with Emanual, but when we arrived at her house on Sunday, she had left for work and Emanual had gone to the beach to fish. Bummer!

Taught a lesson with a man the Elders before us were teaching, Fernando. His wife couldn’t make it to be with us. But they made it to church. He has a little hard time understanding what we are teaching at times I believe, and then our member who was teaching with us started talking to him in criol, which is a little difficult for me at least to understand! It was good though. They can only meet on the weekends and aren´t married. We will do our best. 

Friday one of our members Nato, who has a lot of fire to do activities with our branch, put on an activity where Elder Macedo and I and then the sisters, Sister Olsen and Sister Andrade, did a Spiritual thought. Had a nice object lesson that is a little difficult to explain over email but it went well. Talked about the world we live in, the things we can use to overcome the wickedness and become clean and perseverar ate o fin!

This week I read a lot of conference talks from the past general conference and decided to start Elder Durrant’s challenge to ponder a scripture every week. To put it in a place that we will think about and then talk about your scriptures to others. I was reading in Mosiah, when Alma the younger went from one wicked kid to an incredible righteous missionary, and what he said when he truly had a change of heart. My scripture this week was Mosiah 27:26… I have it memorized in portguese but can’t quote it in english! haha It talks about us becoming new creatures in this life, and unless we do this, it´s going to be hard for us to return to our Heavenly Father’s presence. I thought a lot about how we truly are here to change our habits, our natural man habits, and become better people. Better disciples of Christ. Trying to become perfect, even like our Father in Heaven is perfect. Of course in becoming a´´different´´ creature, I know I´m not going to change from a human into a dog (as much as I´d love to turn into a dog like Cosmo and have everyone give me all their time all day long! hahahaha) but that “different creature” will be a new and improved ME!  We can change ourselves. Who we really are. I enjoyed sharing this scripture with my comp, and some other less actives and members throughout the week. 

Today we are headed to Lisbon and tomorrow we are having a Christmas party with our entire mission. Should be fun! We are doing a secret Santa so we all bought presents to exchange. I´m excited about. This week, I think up until christmas, I believe Elder Madsen, the AP will serve with us which I´m excited about. The president just has the AP´s now doing week long divisions with missionaries. Kinda cool and excited to see how he works. 

Excited for Christmas. Sorry that I´m not so good with the details! I am so slow at reading and try to read all your guys emails and respond as well!

Elder Holmes

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