Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Portugal 2015 (pics!)

Dear Family and Friends:

Lee didn't have much time to write today, so I thought I would post 
just a few pictures from his Portuguese Christmas.  We were able to talk with him
on Christmas day and it was great.  He sure appreciates those of you who have taken the time
to keep in touch.  Thanks for your love and friendship!

 Elder Holmes with his companion, Elder Macedo.

 "At our Mission conference, we had a bunch of musical acts and then all the zones did a skits. Elder Macedo's and my part was about how the sun melts the snow men haha. So I made us these wigs out of paper and all and let's just say it was a hit! Guess you just had to have been there!"  

 These pics are from the P-Day we had when Elder Madsen was with us.  We went to Lagos.  
Such a cool place.  

A few Christmas pics at our apartment in front of our Christmas tree!  

 And finally, a shot of Elder Holmes skyping home on Christmas day! Oh how we miss him!

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