Monday, November 23, 2015

Foi Transferido! Um Marcado Também!

Ola! So this week was a little diferente and I am being transfered, again haha! President is doing like 14 whitewashes and is going to have me train! I think the kid I am training, Elder Barreara, is from Portugal, which will be good! He will help me with my portuguese, but we will see! He might be... and then it´s all on Elder Lee Sauce´s portuguse with my little verdino! haha We are going to go to Olhão! Which means ´´Big Eye´´, apparently. Yep back to the Algarve (where Beja is). Should be good! Bummed to leave Sacavém though, and here is why!

This week Elder Leung had some practices on his violin for this Concert they are putting on in a branch here in Lisbon next week on thanksgiving day. So we went to some practices a couple times this week, we also baked some cookies for Dulce´s son Telmo (who is the cutest thing ever, dang mission rules I can´t pick him up or tickle him haha) Which was fun! Had some good lessons with her and she seems to be progressing!

Another good part of the week was our lesson with Saní! He likes to talk a lot, and at times it is a little tough to get a lesson going but he shared with us how much we meant to him. We had called him the day before, and just said how we would really love to see him, and apparently that comment really hit his heart hard. Made him feel worth something. Love the guy and he made us feel like we are really touching lives here and there. I guess we do more than we think we do!

The highlight of the week though was our good friend Mario! He was contacted by the missionaries some 35 years ago or so. He remembered the missionaries when Elder Leung and another comp contacted him a little bit before I got here. Anyway, we passed by his house for the first time this transfer, he let us in, and we had an awesome lesson with him.  He came to church, as well, and loved it! I have loved the members here who really do a great job of including our investigators in the lessons, making friendship with them, and just over all inclusive. He loves to talk and was telling us after church sunday night how he now knows where it is, loved it, and will be there at 9:30 the weeks to come. We were talking a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pretty much he just started asking us when and where he could get baptized, how Christ was baptized. Literally an elect! So crazy that he was contacted so long ago, and that is why he let the missionaries talk to him again when they recontacted him several weeks ago. Excited for him to be baptzied this sunday, even though I´ll be in Olhão!

Anyways! Excited for a new transfer. The church is true. This week I read a lot in my free time about sacrífice. This mission is a sacrífice, but like I said when I gave my talk in church before I left, we sacrífice things to show our love for our Heavenly Father. And I do love my Heavenly Father. Everyday, the little sacrífices I make, show my love for Him. He has already given me everything, I now need to give some back.

Commitment to him is the Key.

Elder Holmes

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