Monday, November 16, 2015

2 Weeks Worth from Sacavém!! (with pics!)

Bom dia America!    (E-mail from today - November 16th).

I hope it was a great week for all of you and that you’re ready for another great one! Here in Sacavém we had a good week. We moved out of our coackroach and fly infested house into a house the sisters used to live in (so yeah it was pretty rad. Quotes on the bathroom walls to lift your spirits, everything clean, not like the Elders Houses, and all these cute things that girls just do! haha  Elder Hansen and I were like 'These are girls that we want to marry, makes the apartment look all cute', but Elder Leung and Elder Veihweg thought it was a little too much...haha) Anyways, the new house is good, I went on a division with Elder Veiwheg in my área which was a good day. We helped this guy with a big jug of water and food up to his house, and he ended up taking us up this Hill around a corner into this little back of the world Africa! It was sick! Awesome view too with these little home-made houses and cottages. Very humbling too for how some people live, and yet they keep the happiness in them.

This week the highlight of the week was that nosso amigo Ulissus came to church with us and seemed to really love it! The ward was sooooo nice to him I was so JAZZED. Literally everyone was introducing themselves, talking, joking around and all and really including him in the lessons. He was even making some awesome comments. One of the members leaned forward and game me a thumbs up during one of Ulissus´s comments, to say pretty much ´´yeah this is a good guy who could be a great member here.´´ Going to keep working with him and get him a date to get baptized. Keep him in your prayers. After church we had  we also had lunch with a member named Joana who had the raddest view of the valley with the Rio Tejo in view. So beautifu. it´s the little things like that the remind me how awesome this world is and just makes it so clear that there really is a God.

In my studies this week and in Church, one thing really stood out to me. While studying about the family, I was Reading 5 things that the Church really encourages us to do with our famies that we believe will truly strengthen them. They are Family night, family prayer, family scripture study, going to church together, and service together. I was like wow! haha I did all those growing up and look at the family I have now! Thanks mom and dad. 5 things so simple that you really applied into our family that truly grew our family closer together. I may not have seen the the long term importance of them at the time, but now it is apparent how much those 5 things truly bond the family unit. The family is definitely under attack right now. People don´t seem to see the importance as much anymore, or even the happiness that can really be brought through a strong family. Sad because family is everything. The most important thing in the world. And here, even though I miss my family, it´s great to realize how blessed I am. This gospel really DOES strengthen familes.

Love you all!

Elder Holmes

E-Mail from November 9th......Sorry I never posted this.  I was out of town!

2 Weeks Down in Sacavém!! And I´m liking it here. This week we had a great Zone conference, President Tavarez came and taught with Elder Leung and I, and we did a division with the Zone leaders! With presidente we went to a man´s house name Saní who´s wife is a member, and a lady named Dulce who has been investigating the church for like 20 years. In both lessons, President just talked about Baptism Baptism Baptism and the temple that is going to be build here in Portugal! In our área actually, and how great of an experience it will be for these families to be sealed for time and all eternity. He is such a spiritual guy and has a good amount of energy. Smiles and all. During the lesson he got Saní up to just give the guy a hug it was super fun. I learned a lot with President and it was an experience for the journal for sure. I learned I need to talk more about baptism in my lessons from the beginning. It´s the first step they will take in this gospel and it is an important one!

The rest of the week, we had some good lessons with Dulce and her family, a little with Sani, and with Ulisus. Sadly none made it to church and so Ulisus can´t get baptized this coming Saturday but we are still working with him. He is such an awesome guy and he truly believes in the Book of Mormon and his teachings. He has a young son Alechandre who cracks me up and really likes Elder Leung and I! Going to try and do a family night with them this week as well!

Yesterday was great! Really like the branch her in Sacavém. Lots of members from Cabo Verde or Angola so yeah we stand out like sore thumbs! The branch is great! We had the opportunity to eat with the President Cavoco of Sacavém and his family yesterday. Super nice family. The wife Ceú studied at Byu business college and the sons are preparing to go on missions. So great to see families like them so strong in the gospel. President and Céu are both converts too the gospel! #goals

Love and miss you all. Sorry that my emails have been so short lately these computers here stink in Sacavém! Takes like a bajilion hours to load one picture!

Give cosmo and Koda a kiss for me! And a hug for my mom while you are at it!

Elder Holmes

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