Monday, October 5, 2015

Love Me Some Conference Weekend!

Subject: Love Me Some Conference Weekend
From: Lee Holmes <>

Olá Familia!!

Onto my last week of training! Crazy. This transfer has really flown by. This week we had the zone leaders in Beja on splits with the other elders, had an activity of watching 17 Miracles, which is incredible (if you haven´t seen it I truly recommend plopping a hot pocket in the microwave, putting on your slippers, and sitting down to watch it!), and then president came down to give us a little training and do interviews. It was great to hear the love and support President and Sister Tavares have for us and how hard they are working right alongside us. President reaffirmed to me several times that Heavenly Father is happy with my work. And Sister Tavarez touched my heart as she told us that we are literally angels walking around Beja with a message that will change their lives. 

The rest of the week we didn´t have as much! Taught a lesson to a man named Jorge who seemed to really like it but didn´t have time later in the week to have another lesson or to come to general conference with us. He kept having to work. Work work work.... that is literally all people do out here!  It’s killer!

General conference is what I´d like to talk about though because Boy are we lucky to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today. I didn´t get to see every session,  and the last one last night I had to watch in Portuguese which was a little tough, but what I personally took out of a lot of the talks was centering our lives on Christ. I loved one of the sisters quotes of ´´Have it thy way Lord, thou art the potter, I am in the Clay.´´ That is something that I have really been trying to work on out here in Portugal. Doing what the Lord wants me to do and not always what I want to do. He can strengthen us. I also really loved the talk that Holland gave about mothers. He was so spot on. I was teary eyed when I heard that talk thinking of you, mom. I Love you! And finally, I especially loved Uchtdorf´s talk about how God will help us become greater than we ever thought possible. Sometimes we need to just step back and ask ourselves, "is the Gospel working for me?" Sometimes we get so tied up in everything, that we forget what the Gospel is truly there to bring. It is there for us. For our Happiness. As we return our hearts to the Savior,  we need to let the Gospel truly work for us, and we will live happier lives. 

Ending the week with General Conference was such a blessing. Hearing the words of our Prophet and Apostles always builds my testimony. Last night we had two less active members attend the sunday night session as well which was a blessing. We hope to continue to help them come back to the chruch and let the Gospel truly bless their lives. 

Love and miss you all! Sorry this email was so much shorter! 

Elder Holmes

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