Monday, September 28, 2015

Sempre, fim da semana

Date: September 28, 2015 at 8:07:41 AM MDT
From: Lee Holmes <>

Another Week down! Crazy how fast time is really flying here on my mission. The other day I realized I already have 16 weeks here on the mission, 4 MONTHS! And 3 Months almost in Portugal! Time really flies!

This week we had a lesson with a family Luis and Gabriella, very nice parents with our recent convert Antonio! He did a great job of sharing his experiences as a convert to the church. I loved the lesson and saw a lot of potential in them, but last night they said thank you but we are going to continue in our ways. A bummer but we did what we could. We gave it our all. He tried to give us the Book of Mormon we gave him back to us but we wouldn´t let him haha. We told him that one day, he was going to want to know more, and that he would read more in that book. A little promise we gave him. I know one day, they will hear the message again.

On wednesday we also did divisions in our district and I got to work with Elder Simpson while Elder Sutton worked with Elder Dorius. It was a little different but I learned a lot, especially that my accent needs some improvement!  haha Hey the language needs to come first and then the accent can follow! This week I did an english fast so therefore, spoke a BASTANTE of Portuguese. Went really well and I definitely saw my portuguese grow a whole lot! That night, we also had an appointment with Alice and Bernardo, because they live in the othe elders' area! Super fun to see them and share a little message with them, inviting them to come to general conference with us this week! She also bought me a Pastel de Nata! I know. She is the nicest!

We had another lesson with a man named Joaquim who we contacted on the road like 3 weeks ago. We then also found him in the area book from other elders that had already contacted him as well! In their notes they said he wanted to get baptized! Our lesson with him, we figured out he already tried but never did, and said about the same thing that this time in his life he just has a lot going on. Tried to help him realized that THIS IS THE TIME HE NEEDS CHRIST THE MOST! Just hard. Gonna try a little more with him and help him see the Light!

This past couple weeks have been tough. Lots and lots and lots of contacts in the road and then a lot of appointments that fall through. Our distict is doing 1/3 of the contacts for the entire zone, and I believe this week we did 1/2! We are talking with everyone! We can say at the end of the day we really gave it our all, but it’s tough when you want to teach more! With time, and a whole lot of patience, we will see miracles! Still have the faith that we will see a baptism at the end of this transfer!

This friday, President Rubervale and Sheila took Elder Sutton and I to an Older lady who lives about 45 minutes away. She was the cutust sweetest lady. Had pictures of Jesus all up around her room with her baptism certificate, temple sealing to her husband, and the picture of her and her husband and daughter getting baptized 26 years ago. I had the opportunity to give her a blessing for help and it was apparent she really appreciated it. THIS IS THE GOAL! People like her. The faith still in them, married and sealed in the temple. I loved the picture of her baptism. They were all just glowing in white and they all seemed so happy, and those Elders really changed some lives. I love president Rubervale and Sheila. They joke around with me a whole lot and I can never see them without laughing. Sheila always has me say hard words in portuguses and calls me beleza carra (beautiful face) haha and president just always calls me a fubeca (lazy missionary) haha

The reason I titled this email "Sempre, fim da semana" is because that means always, end of the week! Literally always, always always, God blesses us at the very end of the week in literally the last hour, when we are feeling a little low. Last night we received another blessing. We were just walking back home, and contacted a father playing soccer with his son. He seemed very interested in the idea of families being together forever, and said how his wife would love to hear about this lesson as well. Super excited to teach them tonight at 8! Praying all goes well and we can bring them closer to christ!

This following week, the zone leaders are going to go on divisions with us and also president is going to come too Beja to have interviews with us and hold a little training for us as well. See how it goes! We might have a zone meeting as well which would be good! Always great to hear about how we can do better.

As far as funny and other interesting things, Elder Sutton and I are still liking each other and working together. Laugh a great amount with him and I can really be myself with him. I think I did a little bit too many pull ups the last several weeks, though, because I broke the top of the door frame and it looks like all the other ones have already been brocken too....haha Probably just because I’m getting a little chubby out here. Yeah. That is probably thre reason. This week I wrote down “Lee" and just was weird... like is that even my name any more? I only know Elder Holmes hahaha Such a strange feeling. 

That´s about it for me! Still have the faith in Jesus Christ! I know that my confidence and faith should be in Christ and not in myself! To rely on the spirit rather relying on myself. 

Love you all!

Elder Holmes

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