Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ovidelas! (with pics)

Bom Dia Meus Queridos!

So this Last monday was Elder Ward´s Birthday , where we went to Colombo, a huge mall in Lisbon, to do some bowling with some Elders, and today was SIster Vanaquer´s Birthday, so a bunch of us decided to play some soccer at the Church in Tejo, had uma pequena festinha for her, and went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet! foi bom foi bom. Pretty sure their mission birthdays were some good ones!

This week we had a zone conference in Benfica with President Tavares and the other zone. President Tavares spoke a lot about "apesar de" and "por causa" which in english is like "in spite of" and "because of. " He shared how these sayings can be used for the good on the misison, or for the bad. Shared how we need to take these sayings, and use them for the good. "In spite of it raining, I went out and gave it my best.... because of my love for our Savior, I went the extra mile... In spite of being rejected a million times, I went for that millioneth and one contact... Because of my testimony of this gospel, I am here to serve" and So on. 

Talked a lot about our motto on the mission, "Eu vim Para Servir" or in other words, I come to serve. How when we have hard days, we can know that it´s just a day of learning. "um dia difícil é um dia de crescimento!" The love President and Sister Tavares have for the missionaries here is very apparent, and they are truly here to help us fulfill our purpose.

Infelizmente we didn´t get to meet up with the girls this week, Sonia and Dulce, but we got to meet up with Viviem where we read the 13 articles of faith with her with some members in the church. The mom is still all for them getting baptized, and hopes they can start going to church again, so we will keep the faith. This week when talking to them on the phone, we asked them if we could help them with anything, and they said to just pray that their baptismal day would go through! Hopefully we well get to meet up with them this week and teach them, and we are pretty sure they will make it to church this week, as well!


Passed by some less actives and recent converts as usual. Fun seeing one of our older members in his house doing the activity in Preach my Gospel, the Characteristics of Christ, where we evaluate ourselves on how we are doing and make it a goal to do better in certain areas. He wanted to make sure he did it well and honestly, so that he could truly make improvements. What an example to me that no matter the stage in our lives, we can always improve. Having faith in Christ, hope, charity and love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, and obedience. The characteristics we should all strive after, our Savior being our perfect example.

Taught one of my favorite families here again, Familia Morauto, and helped them with their misisonary work. They gave us a list of names a little bit ago that they thought they could share the gospel with, had us pray over them, and now they are excited to invite a familiy over for easter to have us elders share a message with them. They really want to help bless the lives of those around them.

And lastly, we met a nice young man with a lot of Faith named Kairo who we taught on Saturday but he didn´t make it to church on sunday. Hoping to teach him tonight and help him draw closer to christ. 

Love you all, hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for all the prayers, and know you are in mine! 

Elder Holmes

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