Monday, September 7, 2015

Transfer #2!!


1 transfer down and onto transfer 2! Crazy how fast time flies! This week the new elders came in and Elder Hansen went off to the Azores! He was with us until Tuesday night, though. Monday, with the 5 of us, we had a family night with president rubervale and his wife shela, a recent conver atonio (Leonel's dad) and an investigator Edson, who is practically a member. He is so awesome. He just needs to get baptized. He lives in the other elders area. Anyway, Antonio is preparing to go to the temple so Shela had all who have gone through the temple give their testimonies and it was truly awesome. Felt the spirit and Antonio got even more excited. The new elders I really like. Elder Dorius and Elder Simpson! THey have already taught me a lot out here. 

Tuesday we sent Elder Hansen off to the bus and said our goodbyes. Elder Sutton and I then had a lesson with Antonio on the commandments. Just reteaching all the lessons he had before he got baptized. He is so strong. Every sunday he is blessing the sacrament and he just has a light about him. I LOVE the guy. Anyway, Elder sutton and I taught well together. I am so excited to serve with Elder Sutton and know we will have success. Just gotta work smart and work hard and have the spirit with us at all times. When i left this lesson with Antonio, I just told him how excited I was and how much I felt the spirit in there. 

The rest of the week was tough to say the least though. We don´t really have anyone we are teaching consistently and for that, we literally did contacts all week. I haven´t talked so much about the gospel in my life. I have never gotten so many stares, rude remarks, etc. (I got told that we were a cult... haha) But at the same time, I felt accomplished at the end of each day. There is a huge difference to me between going out each day, not being so obedient and giving it an effort.... compared to being as obedient as I can, showing my love for the lord, and really giving it my all. Contacting as many people as I can, providing service, and even just a smile. We had several days with no lessons at all, and walked miles on miles. But on these nights, I feel fulfilled. I can turn to my Heavenly Father at night with my legs weak and my voice sore from talking and say, ``Heavenly Father, I really gave it my all. I´ll give even more tomorrow, but I will never lose the faith.`` I know we will be blessed for our efforts, whether it´s this week, or whenever. I just have to keep the faith and give it my all. 

This week we did some service as well for a less active member. I´m excited. We are creating a relationship with her and can truly see her coming back to the church. We have been helping her move into her house and are even going to spend some time after we email here to help her even more. 

This week I read a talk as well called ``Converted to Christ, Alive in Christ, One with Christ.`` It´s about a 40 day fast of things that poke at your spirit:  Things that don´t let me feel the spirit as much as I truly can. Such as how I speak to my companion when I am frustrated, the patience I have, the thoughts I let linger, or how much I focus on the negatives instead of the positives. Elder Sutton and I have each personally made a list of the things we think poke at our spirit, things we want to improve, to have the spirit more abundantly with us on the roads, as we teach, and overall in our lives.

Some funny things from this week. Apparently I didn´t know you had to take the paper off of the churisco so I´ve been eating it with paper on hahaha! Also when we were doing some door contacts, usually you ask them how they are doing or introduce yourself a little. Welll anyway, I kinda was distracted and heard her answer the intercom and just said ``Ola como se chama?`` Haha Hi what is your name? She hung up right away... haha

And lastly. I wanted to share a scripture I came across this week again. It is 2 Nephi 33: ? (Can't remember exact verse.) It is when Nephi is closing his record, after having served his people. He is definitely a missionary I strive to be like. When talking about his people, Nephi shares how he ``Prays continually for them by day, and mine eyes water my pillow by night, because of them; and I cry unto my God in faith, and I know that he will hear my cry.`` I loved this. The love he has for his people. How he truly wants the best for them. The people of Portugal ARE MY PEOPLE! I love them and truly want what's best for them. 

Love you all. We have a zone meeting in Faro this week that we are headed out for tongiht. I´ll let you know how it goes next week!  

Elder Holmes

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